How to choose a Teleprompter

How to choose a Teleprompter

Choosing the correct Teleprompter for your application



Schematic representation: (1) Video camera; (2) Shroud; (3) Video monitor; (4) Clear glass or beam splitter; (5) Image from subject; (6) Image from video monitor


How do I choose a teleprompter?

 There are a number of key questions you need to think about when purchasing a teleprompter, regardless of your preferred manufacturer, budget, existing equipment or prompting requirements. Genius Teleprompters by Interlogic Industries, have been designing Teleprompters for 30 years. That's a lot of experience to help you with choosing the correct teleprompter for your needs– so if you are still unsure about what you want or need after reading this, please call one of sales team

(631) 420-8111 or E-mail our Customer Service Center at who will be happy to advise you, and explain very clearly why Genius Teleprompters can offer you the best available solution and price, regardless of your requirements and budget.

What reading range do you require?

The first thing you should consider is the distance of your presenter from the teleprompter to help determine what size teleprompter you will need e.g. 17” monitor = up to 6m, 10” = up to 4m etc. Genius Teleprompters, we provide you with the widest range of monitor sizes from 8” up to 19”on the market, so that you can find a teleprompter that is just right for your requirements. However, please note that whatever size and manufacturer you select, you need to check that the unit will be compatible with your camera, lens and tripod.

Will your desired size of teleprompter work with your camera, lens and tripod combination?

The main question around compatibility of equipment is one of weight – does your tripod head have sufficient payload capacity for the weight of your camera and lens, and the selected teleprompter? There are many first time buyers who work with small cameras and tripod heads and don’t have anything appropriate for the weight of a teleprompter. For this reason, we added our own range of cost-effective tripods that are specified to give you sufficient payload capacity for each of our units.

The second question is around whether you can position your camera and lens in the back of the teleprompter glass/ hood so that the eye line of the presenter is looking directly in to the camera. This will depend on the specific camera and lens you are using, and also the flexibility of the mounting system in your chosen teleprompter. Generally speaking, your camera, lens, tripod and teleprompter should all be of a similar proportion to work well together.

As experts in teleprompting, in designing Teleprompters to cater for the widest possible range of camera/lens combinations. All of our Lines of Teleprompters have full adjustability from our Primary Line for Tablets/Smart Phones to our Intermediate Teleprompters beginners and the Sophisticated Broadcast Line. Have camera mounting plates that can move your camera/lens towards and away from the teleprompter hood, to cater for different lengths of camera/lens. These mounting plates can also be raised upwards in case you need extra vertical height to center you lens on the glass. We give you the ability to change the height of the teleprompter hood, so that it fits perfectly on the camera lens.

If you are unsure whether your camera/lens/ tripod will be appropriate for your choice of teleprompter, simply call our expert sales team (631) 420-8111 or E-mail our Customer Service Center at who will be happy to help.

Do you need to be able to read your teleprompter outdoors/ in bright lighting conditions?

 Our Sophisticated Broadcast Teleprompters are appropriate for most studio lighting and indoor conditions. If you need to use your teleprompter outside in bright sunlight, you will require sufficient brightness in your teleprompter monitor in order to be able to read it (we recommend greater than 1000 nits to 1500nits). In order to get this level of brightness, you will need to purchase one of our Sophisticated Teleprompters.

What software and scripting requirements do you have?

Script-Q is the premier teleprompter program for the most demanding professional teleprompting uses. It has many studio teleprompter uses, such as radio, television, and multimedia production; business/government presentations; student audio-visual classes, video-blogging, and videoconferencing. Podcasters are already serving up Web-delivered audio and video content with custom narration supported by Script-Q, and even church choirs have found great success utilizing the Script-Q Prompter Software to help parishioners follow along with songs and hymns.

Script-Q Prompter Software (also called teleprompter software or autocue software) has many studio prompter applications, such as radio and television production, business/government presentations, and videoconferencing. Church choirs have also found great success utilizing the Script-Q Prompter Software to help parishioners follow along with songs and hymns. Additionally, new age podcasters are serving up web-delivered audio and video content with custom narration supported by Script-Q Prompter Software.

The newest version has been improved with a revised interface and more streamlined functioning; both the Basic and Advanced versions have been upgraded to offer new features as well, and a third version for professionals has been devised to include the most features of any Script-Q product to date.

Script-Q is available in three versions in order to suit any application or budget.

GP-Script-Q Professional has an extensive feature set and is designed for the most demanding professional applications. It offers dual screen support, importing of Word™ documents, spell checker, or the support of multiple fonts in multiple sizes. If you are an everyday user of Teleprompters, this is the version for you.

GP-Script-Q Advanced offers all the features of the Basic version plus support for dual screen use. This version is a favorite among our educational clients and small businesses.

GP-Script-Q Basic has all the standard features you would expect, a built-in word processor, the ability to import .txt and .rtf files, adjustable screen size, and much more. The Basic version is perfect for the occasional user, Teleprompters that can flip the screen using hardware or for budget applications.

What control options do you need?

 Will the speed of the script be controlled by a separate operator or the presenter themselves? We have the widest range of controller options, including wired and wireless, hand and foot controls to cover whatever you need.

Asking yourself these key questions, will give you a very good idea of what product you need, however, if you are still unsure at any stage, simply call one of our sales team. We have the widest range and knowledge of Teleprompters in the world, with over 100,000 users of our systems worldwide – give us a call and we’ll give you a product and price that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations and beat anything else in the market.

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