Primary (SmartPhone/ Tablet Hardware)

Primary (SmartPhone/ Tablet Hardware)

Helps you turn your Smartphone and Tables into a Professional Teleprompter! 

There are 3 different mounting configurations to this line

First utilize your filter threads on you lend up to 58mm to as low as 3.5mm


Second version is for most tablets 4” (101.6mm) to 12” (304.8mm)    


Third is a Video Productions DREAM come true! ScriptShade!!!

So-turn your DLSR/Professional Camcorders and your Small ENG Camera into a Professional Teleprompter using one of our Primary Series Hardware!


Ideal for: Camera Stabilizers Rigs, Field Production, Newsrooms, Corporate Training, Schools, Video Production, One on One Interviews, Bloggers and so much more!

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