ScriptShade™ Matte box -Teleprompting made easy!

The ScriptShade™ Matte box facilitates rapid deployment for ALL your critical production needs Experience the new ScriptShade™ Matte box. A professional Wide Angle Matte box that is also a Teleprompter system. Let your production needs decide how you use it. Lightweight, portable and super easy to assemble, the rapid deployment and professional appearance make it an essential solution for your production needs. We know memorizing lines can be a challenge in any production.  With the ScriptShade™ Matte box reading script is easy. It is however more than just a Teleprompter. First and foremost it is a professional Wide Angle Matte box complete with French flag for increased light control.

Perfect for: High quality videos, full frame cameras, portability, fast set up, phone or tablet. Indoor/ outdoor, stationery or in motion, blogger or professional and so much more!

Highlights: Affordable price lightweight, makes your talent professional. 

ScriptShade™ Matte box Kit

The ScriptShade™ Matte box consists of a Wide Angle Matte box complete with French Flag,82mm or less (Genus 82mm Step Up Ring Set and Genus 82mm Adapter Ring) the ScriptShade™ hood, mirror and device mounting. A Height Extension Bracket is also included to allow for different cameras.

Filters with the ScriptShade™ Matte box

The ScriptShade™ Matte box is a professional Wide Angle Matte box complete with French Flag. It has two filter trays which allow for the use of 4x4 filters. One is a 360 degree rotating tray with friction adjustment so you have full control of the rotating speed. To assist in judging the position of your filter there are audible clicks every 90 degree rotation.  We have also made the front tray slightly wider to minimize the risk of clipping when used with full frame cameras or wide angle lenses. A great feature of the ScriptShade™ Matte box is that filters can still be used when it is a Teleprompter.  Now you can use filters to enhance the appearance of the person reading script!

The ScriptShade™ Matte box can easily attach to your camera. 

For lenses with threads 86mm and under, attach the Adapter ring (and Step up Ring if needed), click into the back of the Matte box and tighten. You are ready to go. For larger lens, Insert the Nuns Knickers Adapter ring into the back of the Matte box and secure around your camera.

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